Screening Services


criminal background screening

Not all background companies are fair or accurate with their screenings. Some background screeners even outsource to other countries to save money in-turn jeopardize the integrity of the services provided. Proficiency Background thrives to make sure that each check is done with care and precision to avoid any misshapes in our goal to provide excellent service.

Credit checks

For certain roles, you need a more holistic view of a candidate . Credit searches are invaluable to filling in the gaps. Often mandated for candidates with managerial, accounting, financial record, or cheque writing responsibilities, reports reveal unbiased insights into candidates’ financial trustworthiness.


We make sure you have a thorough picture of who you’re hiring before you make them a part of your family.

  • Education and Employment Verification

  • Professional license and Certification Verification

  • DOT & Regulated Position Verification

  • Professional Reference Checks

  • Military Employment verification

motor vehicle records

Understanding that keeping compliance with DOT and FMCSA is very important and standards must be met for your company’s safety and others on the road daily. We make sure that not one ticket is missed to ensure a proficient report.

civil court records

Be aware and confident with information of all potential threats that you may not be aware of when choosing a candidate. There are important details that may be crucial for you to know before making that final decision including;

  • Lawsuits

  • Breach of Contracts

  • Restraining Orders

I-9 form & e-verify

In the United States, you must ensure that all required paperwork is properly completed and submitted. All U.S. employers are legally required to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all their new hires. Yet more and more companies are faced with fraud, poor verification and record keeping procedures which can result in compliance violations ranging from prison sentences, forfeiture of assets and/or civil fines.




As time changes, new ways are found to provide background screenings. With social media screening growing, policies and guidelines must be put in place to stay in accordance with FCRA standards. With social media standards being held with the same legal obligations, Proficiency Background Service will provide the same high ethical standard.


The use of fingerprints are often considered an excellent way to validate and find offenses that could be helpful in the on-boarding decision-making process. It is important to stay abreast of what is going on in your particular industry and the regulations that various states are now imposing. Child care, elderly care, and health care regulatory organizations are increasingly requiring fingerprint services.